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Target the right customers

Reveel brings the granularity of digital advertising to TV advertising. Easily target viewers based on:

  • Geolocation (Countries, States & Cities)

  • Socio Demo (Age, Gender)

  • Streaming Interests (Genres, Categories, Titles & Collections)

Conversion Driven Ad-Tech

Whether you want to become a household known brand, or driver faster conversions, we built our ads manager with you in mind

  • Traditional pre- & mid-roll video ads

  • Engagement-drive pause-screen ads

  • On screen banner ads

  • Browse-feed thumbnail ads

  • Email broadcasts (dedicated and integrated)

  • & more...

Tailored Integrations

Get access to our shows and audiences in a brand-specific personalized way:

  • Brand placement in upcoming shows

  • Cast- & host-created advertisements

  • Social media collaborations

  • Co-branded co-produced series

Why advertise on TV with Reveel?

  • Starts at only

  • Concierge Management

  • As low as
    $15 CPM

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Wayne Cella - Founder

Covered Sun Films

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